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Swimming Pool Financing

100% Financing Available
Your Custom Swimming Pool is More Affordable Than You May Think.

Swimming Pool Financing

Very few people can afford to purchase an in-ground swimming pool outright. When planning to build a custom pool, you’ll want to consider your swimming pool financing options carefully. While the exact details vary depending on your unique financial situation, there are three alternatives.

Home Equity Financing

Swimming Pool Financing

If you own your home, you may be able to use the equity that you’ve built up to secure a home equity loan, a home equity line of credit or a second mortgage. This type of financing comes at a lower interest rate, but it’s not an option for every homeowner. If you haven’t owned your property for very long, you may not have sufficient equity to qualify.

Unsecured Personal Loans

An unsecured personal loan is one that does not require any collateral. If you have good credit, this can be an affordable option, but if your credit rating is poor, then you may find it difficult to secure a loan with a reasonable interest rate.

Credit Cards

Swimming Pool Financing

Credit cards may seem like an easy way to pay, but they are rarely a good option for financing a major purchase like a custom swimming pool. When compared to the other financing options, credit cards have high-interest rates. Unless you can pay off the swimming pool quickly, using a credit card to purchase a pool is likely to increase the total amount that you’ll pay substantially. Make sure to ask before using this financing option. Not all custom pool builders accept full payment for a swimming pool on credit card because of fees.

With swimming pool loans, your credit score matters. Better credit means that you’ll qualify for better terms. Before pursuing a loan, check your credit report to make sure that it’s accurate. If you’d like to give your credit score a bit of a lift, consider paying down your credit card balances to reduce your credit utilization.

Swimming Pool Financing Companies We Trust:

Lyon Financial
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  • Up to $100k in Fixed Rate

  • Payments spread out over 12 years for loans over $25,000*

  • Funds deposited directly into your bank account

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